Bethel Management consultants (BMC) is a private limited organization, was started in 2012 in a humble way by a team of HR professionals who have the cumulative work experiences of 100 years. Over the decade, it has contributed many SMEs in building the HR policies and processes, workforce management, statutory compliances and Compensation and Benefits.

Retainer Model:

BMC is supporting more than 25 organizations for their HR needs on a retainer basis. In this model, BMC will do right from hiring until the exit process within the organization, hence client do not need to have separate HR function on their payroll, the client’s entire HR needs will be supported by BMC. BMC will also establish the HR systems and educate and establish it in the organization.

Payroll service:

BMC is providing payroll services for 20+ organizations in Chennai and it has a vigorous plan to establish its presence throughout India. In this model, BMC is providing ESS portal, TDS computation & Filling, Leave Management System and Attendance monitoring system, that can be accessible in system and mobile app. BMC provides the standard and tailormade reports for clients.

Special Projects:

BMC have the potential / skill to deliver a HR projects like Job evaluation, Organization re-structuring, Salary correction, etc. The clients who have worked with us on these projects were very happy in terms of result and the value for money (ROI).

HR Technology support:

BMC is currently developing the application on Learning Management System (LMS), Performance Management System (PMS) and Online campus hiring tool. These tools are expected to hit the market in early 2024. As of now, BMC is supporting its clients on these areas through offline. These tools will be easy to use and very user friendly. The tools will be sold in market on SAAS methods.

Contact us for Tailored HR Services:

Get in touch with our team to discuss how we can customize HR solutions to meet your organization’s unique needs.

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